Just the Beginning of MY Amazing Journey

I wanted to share with you how I chose to live a life that’s not happening to me, but making it work to my benefit for my personal life and business. I believe we are ALL teachers and are in this together! I wanted to catch you up with how I became to believe that I am the magnificent co-creator I know I am to the present point in time, and getting better at it everyday.  Also, how the law of attraction works for me!  We are all magnificent co-creators that came here to enjoy this wonderful life we have and to always know we are on the right path no matter how dim it might look. I struggled with severe depression and insecurities but I now know I can never feel like that again knowing what I know. I know it sounds so cliché but it’s true!  I know my contrast (unwanted manifestations) is really wanted because without it I would not have desires or expansion and a gift (manifestation) from the desire (physical object, clarity, knowing, emotion, etc.). Through my contrast I know what I want and don’t want! I just think that’s so awesome!

It was the beginning of January 2013 I was introduced to “The Secret” and Bashar by my brother. Bashar was a little confusing to me in the beginning because it felt like it was for more advanced co-creators. I love him now because it makes so much sense to me after I discovered Abraham-Hicks. The movie “The Secret” changed my view point on life, my NOW forever changed for the best. This movie was just the tip of the iceberg to the discovery of more enlightenment towards becoming a deliberate thinker and not a sloppy thinker. All I have to do is be me because that’s all I needed to be and the only know how to be! How wonderful is that? So, all I knew at this point was to have the deliberate intention to be happy and the universe will reveal all my desires to me when I align with them when I have positive thoughts and feelings. This sounds like a piece of cake! I was so wrong, but this gave me so much focus and determination. It’s more than just positive thought, I had to feel good and mean it. I wrote down my new beliefs and I try to the best of my ability to live by them. It was difficult at to first  to live by my new belief system because I was use to my old habits, but over time it became easier to care more about how I felt and I knew my new belief system made me know how to believe in myself.

For the first two months I was flying high, no one could get in my way. It felt as if the universe opened up and orchestrated everything to go right. It felt as if I was in the right place and the right time and everything was getting more delicious each day. It got to the point that I knew everything was going to work out for me. If it didn’t work out as planned, I talked myself out of being upset and I knew I had to clean up my vibration. That’s when I started to realize some of the things I would get angry about was ridiculous. During this time I was also on a rampage of trying to get everyone I knew to watch “The Secret”. I realized really fast that was a bust, not everyone is ready to hear it or wants to hear it, it’s by example that makes a difference. I had to come to terms with minding my own business, by not trying to make sure everyone else was okay before I had well-being. When I have well-being, that invokes the best from everyone in my experience. I know I have an inner source that wants the best for me, therefore I know they will be okay because they have an inner source and wants the same for them. Everyone has the right to feel how they want to feel, regardless if it’s positive or negative. It’s your choice if you choose to focus your attention on how someone is making you feel, positive or negative. The reason I say that is because no one can make you feel either way, because no one can determine how you feel. Only you can determine that! This is where the beauty lies in everyone’s contrast because you must love with no conditions. Unconditional love! I will love you regardless of what you say or do because I care more about how I feel! That’s so yummy to know something like that!

This is when shit got real for me when I was no longer seeing rainbows, unicorns and lollipops. In the middle of March I started to feel like shit for the first time since I made the decision to become a deliberate thinker.  I was really down and out, I didn’t know why I was feeling the way I was feeling. I thought I wasn’t meditating enough, so I did more of that but I couldn’t focus and I was getting really good at meditating. I worked out more, more yoga, I watched tons of Abraham and Bashar videos and nothing was helping. One thing I am happy about is that I stilled continued and didn’t give up and say “this is bullshit!”  All I knew is I wanted to get back to feeling the way I use to feel, and that was feeling really good. Now, this carried on for about a couple of weeks until I decided to let go and make a conscious effort to just think a different thought. Instead I relaxed more, watched movies and began to re-learn to speak Spanish. When I was in a relaxed mood, I than would think of all the manifestations that occurred to see what was the common factor in them even though they were different situations. I suddenly realized I was manifesting irritating and doubtful things. I was irritated because of a conversation I was having with someone and I kept dwelling on it and thinking about it. That caused me not to focus when I was meditating and other activities. That’s when I started to doubt that I would ever get back to feeling good again and the attention I was giving it was not positive. So, the universe had no choice but to give me what I focused upon and that was more irritating and doubtful things were manifesting in my reality. Once I realized that, it felt like I was plugged back in and I felt the release and clarity filled my thoughts. It felt so amazing! I was screaming “BRING IT!”, because I did it all by myself! Then I started to think back to January to how far I came and couldn’t help but to cry. They were happy tears because I knew I made a conscious effort to stay positive and happy, and it wasn’t because of someone else. It was because of ME, I knew I was enough. I didn’t need a special someone in my life, something new or everyone to act a certain way to make me happy. That’s when I knew I would never be depressed again because I was determined to feel GREAT no matter what it took. 

About two months ago, I woke up and said “I’m Alive!” I know that might sound a bit ridiculous because I didn’t rise from the dead per say, it just felt so wonderful to wake up and experience another day from another viewpoint. It meant so much more than uttering those words out loud, it’s  because I felt those words. That is such a great feeling to have! I was excited for my day and truly knew I was falling in love with ME! I knew I didn’t need anyone in my life to give me happiness except myself and everything else is just a bonus for being me. I started my day as usual by getting the coffee going, meditate, yoga, wash up and get dressed for work. Even though this was an ordinary day for me, it was so much better than that! Everything ran so smoothly, with precision and perfection. I woke up on time at 5:30 am without a alarm clock, getting ready for work went smoothly and with ease, and had extra time to sit on my patio to watch the sun come up…Priceless! Work was a breeze, it really didn’t feel like work. Working out and yoga was easy when I got home from work. This was when I noticed that everything does work out for me and the universe is always letting me know exactly what my vibrational frequency is at all times. Now all my interactions with people are positive, I don’t feel like I am moving through quicksand and easily getting ahead of my contrast and acknowledging it before it gains momentum. That’s why I know I am a magnificent co-creator because I have the power to create my experience positive or negative. It’s what I choose to focus on! Loving Life!!!!

I’ll leave you with this, do you love everything about who you are? Do you know that you are magnificent and perfect the way you are? Thank you for reading! I hold you all in love and well-being! Live the most delicious life that makes every moment succulent!


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  1. Your ending thought resounded within me greatly. We should all love ourselves completely and totally. Change what we don’t love about ourselves and continue to grow. Happiness is within our control. Thank you so much for this great post.


    1. Chanei P says:

      Thank you so much for the rendezvous! I am enjoying the rendezvous with your delightful and magnificent posts!


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